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        Easter Coffee Sampler

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        Those sweet Easter candies aren’t just for kids. If you don’t want to get caught sneaking those chocolate bunnies on Easter, our Easter Sampler will save the day. With three varieties of flavored coffee for the connoisseur, your Easter can be just as sweet as any 6-year-old’s. Choose from our creamy, toasty Marshmallow Peep coffee, our rich and chocolatey Swiss Chocolate Bunny brew, and our satisfyingly sweet Sticky Buns brew for your own Easter treat. Or don’t choose and enjoy them all on the same day—we told you Easter sweets aren’t just for kids.


        Marshmallow Chics

        Whether you’re 23 or 63, a sweet tooth is forever. Sneak in your daily dose of sweetness with the creamy and indulgently sweet flavor of our Marshmallow Peep coffee. Just as satisfying as any decadent dessert, the toasty, gooey flavor of roasted marshmallows makes as delicious a companion to a rich cup of coffee as it does to ice cream sundaes and graham crackers. Except when it comes in a coffee cup, you can satisfy your sweet tooth even while you’re on-the-go.


        Swiss Chocolate Bunny

        Take Easter a little farther this year and make that chocolate bunny part of your morning. Sunday just got a little sweeter with the smooth, rich flavor of Swiss chocolate joining the savory warmth of our custom roasted coffee. Spring is in the air and in your coffee cup with the delicious flavor of our Swiss Chocolate Bunny coffee.


        Sticky Buns

        The taste of cinnamon has been sought by humans for thousands of years and it’s no wonder why. This famous spice can add a little spark to anything, including your daily coffee. Joined with the subtle sweetness of vanilla to create the sweet cinnamon dessert we all love, our Cinnamon Bun Flavored Coffee transforms this classic comfort food into your morning cup. Go ahead, you’ve earned dessert for breakfast.

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