Root Fusion

Product Details

Root Fusion Personalized Root Touch Up Haircolor, a take-home root retouch kit personalized by your stylist just for your hair color, will keep your grays covered between appointments without interfering with your salon color experience.

What's In The Box:

*Professional root retouch color



*Professional grade brush

*Mixing bowl

Step 1:

Put on gloves. Unscrew the cap of the color tube, and use the tip to pierce tube opening completely. Squeeze entire contents of color tube into mixing bowl. Remove cap of developer and pour entire contents into mixing bowl. Using the brush, mix color and developer until completely blended.

Step 2:

Make sure hair is dry before application. Part hair into preferred style, exposing visible roots. Use brush to apply color to root area along the part and at the hairline around the face and temples. Keep applying only to the part and hairline until fully saturated. Do not overlap previously colored hair. Leave on to process for 20 minutes. 

Rinse hair thoroughly until water runs clear. Shampoo and condition. Style as usual. This is a single use kit. Do not save ay unused mixture. 

Pro tips:

Apply color to dry hair. Use an old towel to protect clothing and household surfaces. Have a clock handy for timing, you only need to process for 20 minutes.


Disclaimer: Due to the high demand of product, shipping may be delayed. Shipping limited to the United States only. 

Shipping & Warranty

  • Available in U.S. and Canada

  • Best Warranty in the Business

  • 30-Day returns

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